QTI courses

year one

HERM 101: Building a Biblical Worldview

This class will give each student the keys, concepts and practical understanding that will empower the student to interpret Scripture, research the Scriptures, understand cultural context, and build a proper hermeneutic. This class is foundational for every Christian, as it will unlock the mystery of the Scriptures and make the historic Christian faith plain in understanding.

BIB LIT 102: Introduction to Biblical Literature
This class will give each student an understanding of God’s nature and character revealed by His creating the world and humanity, promising Messiah, and His covenants with Adam, Noah and Abraham. This exciting class will teach each student to have confidence in God’s goodness towards His creation and humanity, as well as continue building the foundation to properly understand the prophetic symbolism in the Scriptures.

COV 103: Covenant Theology
This class will give the student a comprehensive macro-view and deep understanding of God’s process for saving humanity and restoring humanity to Himself. This class is foundational for understanding how God relates to people. This class empowers the student to develop a Scriptural view of God’s nature and character and a grid in which to understand salvation history.

ATONE 104: The Atonement
In this class, we look at the subject of Soteriology (salvation) in detail. We will explore the theology of the cross, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the prophesies that foretold Jesus’ suffering. We will look at the theological constructs of Penal Substitution and Restorative Justice. This class is essential for every believer in Jesus Christ so that we may understand the love, mercy and grace of God in its fullness.

HSSL 105: The Graces of the Holy Spirit & Supernatural Living
This class will cover the theology of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the graces of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. This QTI class will inspire and equip each student to live in the Spirit and walk in a supernatural lifestyle.

year two

ANTHRO 201: Birthright Into Destiny

This course will give each student an understanding of how God has created and gifted every believer for a unique purpose and destiny. This course is foundational for every Christian in discovering and unlocking their identity and destiny potential. Using scripture and assessment tools, students will create their own identity and destiny map for personal vision, mission, and strategy statements.

SW 202: Liberation for Life
This course will give the student a comprehensive understanding of God’s processes of sanctification and transformation in a believers life. This course will develop spiritual discernment and understanding to wage war against the destructive forces of the enemy. Students will be empowered to develop a scriptural and holistic view of healing whole person (spirit, soul and body) for transformed life.

EKKL 203: The Ministry of Presence

In this course, we look at God’s presence on earth as it is in heaven. We will explore God’s presence throughout scripture and historically up to the present time. We will look at the theological constructs of God tabernacling with mankind, and common manifestations that company His presence. We will examine how the different liturgical and faith expressions of Ekklesia intersect with Jesus prophecy for His church to be a “House of Prayer for all Nations.”

GOV 204: Governed by Grace

In this course, we look at Church Polity (governance). We will explore the different structures, functions, titles, motivations and qualifications of apostolic polity and its ramifications to the commandments and commissions of Christ to the church. We will also study church polity down through the ages to its present expressions in different faith traditions. An essential part of this course will focus on church reformation, including the current New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

MISS 205: Kingdom Mandate & Transformation
This course will give the student a comprehensive understanding of “Gospel of the Kingdom of God” (primary theme of all Jesus’ preaching/teaching). This course will give a foundational understanding the connection between God’s original mandate in the garden and Jesus great commission-mandate to His church. This course will examine the 7 Mountain Strategy as a key for fulfilling the Great Commission through kingdom transformation of nations.